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Tantric massage Dubai is performed with the combination of ancient Tantric Massage techniques and Taoist ones, but also with classical approaches.

Gold Tantric Dubai

Tantra Massage Therapy in Dubai

What are the benefits? Our professional masseuses take a personalized approach to each client to ensure they meet your expectations and make all your wishes come true.

Tantra Massage in Dubai

What are the benefits?

Do you feel stressed and cannot get rid of your worries and problems? Tantra massage Dubai is an experience that can make you feel happier. Most clients, who visit tantric massage salons on a regular basis, have noticed that these sessions help them experience balance and gain greater satisfaction. 

Apart from that, your physical health improves visibly. You are less exposed to stress and anxiety, which means your blood pressure is more within the healthy limits. During tantra massages, each part of the body is massaged so that you will get very relaxed.

Treat your body and mind with a fantastic tantric massage and experience an excellent and higher state of massage awareness. Tantra massage brings you a state of deep relaxation and it promotes the flow of energies throughout the body, thus also operating as a healing.

Tantra massage Dubai for men

The experience of tantra massage Dubai lets you comprehend the true value of your body, spirituality and connection with your partner. Tantra massage allows you to unleash the potentials of self-empowerment while enriching your life with magnetizing the energy and pure enlightenment of mind, body and soul.

Tantra massage experience offers men longer lasting benefits than a regular massage because it moves your physical, mental and emotional energy, that might be stuck in the body and causing emotional blockages. Also, all tantra massage sessions are individualised to your particular needs.

The ultimate tantra massage experience

The inner power that manifests itself during the massage session is a special one, you experience new feelings and emotions . Besides all this, a sensual and powerful energy will surround you, which will pass through your body and mind.

Tantra massage can also help people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered. Tantra massage is greatly enhanced by the utilization of tantra breathing techniques throughout the massage. These breathing techniques, called pranayamas, allow the recipient to actively move energy from one part of the body to other parts of the body, a feat that enhances the experience and helps the recipient exercise self-discipline and self-control during unanticipated arousal.

We have the best therapists for tantric massage

During a tantra massage, you will find the most talented and beautiful therapists, well-experienced and ready to provide the most amazing tantric massage session. You will never find such a special tantric massage experience anywhere else, that’s a fact!
Our professional masseuses are carefully selected and highly trained to provide you one of our luxurious massage service and the most enticing Gold Tantric Massage Dubai has to offer. We guarantee that it will be a time well spent that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

Where can you get a tantra massage in Dubai?

Gold Tantric Massage is proud to be one of Dubai’s precious tantric massage agencies.
Gold Tantric Dubai’s massages offer you an unforgettable experience with our beautiful tantra therapists. We are constantly improving our services and looking for new ways to exceed your expectations so you can have the best massage experience each time you book with us.
We deliver a professional and first-class tantric massage experience for complete relaxation. So, whether you’re looking to awaken your sensual side or experience new levels of pure happiness, our tantra massage sessions are the perfect choice for you!

Get ready for an unforgettable tantra massage experience!

Tantra massage celebrations massages you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. An extraordinary relaxing full body tantra massage and spiritual experience will delight your mind, body and soul.

It will make you feel as if you are in a tantric trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem relevant. Tantra massage will improve the blood circulation in your body, will relieve all of your aches and keep you in an overall better emotional state.

▪️ Our policy ▪️ 

– Out Call visits only. – 

How does it work?

• If you’re a tourist, the masseuse will visit you to the comfort of your hotel room or private residence – prices starting from 1500 AED. 

• If you’re a local and not able to see the masseuse to your private residence, then we suggest you book any hotel room and make a reservation. – prices starting 1300AED.


 1-hour session tantric massage, which is a mix between relaxing and sensual body to body massage with a happy ending by hand.

Kindly Note 

Please remember to book your appointment in advance, as we are fully booked due to high demand

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