Nuru massage is a different type of tantric massage, but you should definitely try it! This therapy will provide calm and peace. Imagine that after a hard day at work, you let a beautiful lady relive all the stress accumulated using the gentle touch of her fingers. It is a fantastic journey that happens at Gold Tantric Dubai. Nothing can beat this experience.

Nuru means slippery, and it is a Japanese style, originated from Kawasaki. It’s a unique back massage that involves complete body contact between two persons or partners to loosen up the body and rekindle mutual sexual desires. This is followed by a totally nude two-person massage employing an ultra-tricky and thick back massage. The massage is then performed using a specific Nuru massage gel.


Nuru massage has a lot of benefits, and we will present you with five of them. The most pleasurable “Nuru massage” is an arousing massage in which both the massage therapist and the client are covered in Nuru gel.
The masseuse does the massage using her own body, and the session includes a lot of physical contacts. Apart from offering physical desire and an intense feeling, Nuru massage has the following surprising health benefits:
  1. Relieves stress
Nuru massage has the effect of relieving tension. Being thrilled by a Nuru massage provides pleasurable feelings and reduces stress caused by the job, family difficulties, and other factors. The masseurs’ body methods and skin-to-skin contact provide a fantastic sensual experience that will leave you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe. Furthermore, a Nuru massage is excellent for relaxing tired or stiff muscles, and even if you are hesitant at first, you should know that this massage is safe. The therapists from Gold Tantric Dubai utilize methods that leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized.
  2. A strong bond between the partners
A Nuru massage may be precisely what some couples need to spice up their relationship. Not only can being coated in gel and sliding against your partner provide new sensations, but it may also make you feel more at ease in your skin. You may learn about more than simply a physical bond. Nuru massages are intimate by nature and can thus help to strengthen emotional bonds. Nuru massage is regarded as a spiritual trip in Japanese culture. Sometimes partners can get into monotony, which could lead to a breakup. Maybe at the beginning, you were very close but because of the society, problems, work and different things that occur in our life we can quickly distance ourselves from lovers.
  3. A smooth skin
Another benefit of Nuru massage is that your skin is moisturized and more flexible due to this treatment. That is to say, the gel used in the Nuru massage is highly hydrating and is absolutely odorless and tasteless, as well as being transparent and stain-free.
When combined with the Nori seaweed extract, the floral extracts make an exceptionally slippery gel that heats up right before the massage begins. This blend also aids in the healthy reaffirmation and nourishment of the skin.
  4. Improve the blood circulation
A Nuru massage affects the whole blood circulation system by boosting the body’s pulse rate. It also increases the flow of blood to certain areas of the body. Nuru massage strengthens the circulatory system, preventing it from tightening too tightly in hot conditions. Nuru massage will also help you achieve appropriate body temperatures and calm your thoughts so you can appreciate every moment. Nuru massage is especially popular because it improves blood circulation and can benefit those suffering from various diseases, including inflammation, muscular weakness, low blood sugar, and exhaustion.
  5. Toxin removal
Nuru massage is an advanced and professional massage that aids in the removal of toxins from the body.

Nuru massage encourages patients to release a large number of toxins from their bodies and to cleanse them from poisons that have been collected and held for years.

It is a method of assisting in removing impurities from the body, such as stress, poisons, and hormone imbalance.
It is not only excellent for the body, but it also provides a lot of lovely things for the mind.


Book a Nuru massage at Gold Tantric Dubai, and you will have part a fantastic provided by one of our girls. Nuru massage is a private and very intimate experience compared to other massage types; consequently, you must choose the right massage therapist to ensure an excellent encounter.

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