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A mutual touching massage is a fantastic experience that you can have at Gold Tantric Dubai. It is a loving massage session in which all your problems will disappear, and your body and mind will be full-relaxed. After a hard day at work that gave you a headache, you can enjoy the gentle touch of one of our expert tantric masseuses. Luna or Kylie will provide you with a time full of pleasure and ecstasy.

Throughout the massage, a free-flowing circulation of energy circulates throughout the body, repairing broken connections and eliminating accumulated knots. In a second phase, sexual energy is transformed: as it moves from the sacral area of the pelvis to the chest, it nourishes passion, courage, and the power of communication; it then awakens the state of affection and compassion in the heart center; and finally, it reaches the brain, it allows for relaxation, creativity, ease of expression, transparency, and even altered states of consciousness.


A mutual touching massage is something that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to explore the bodies of our women, their contours, and everything that makes them so lovely. You’ll be able to take a break from the demanding world and feel entirely accepted as a result of this encounter. Exercising your own body and bringing it closer to another while also giving pleasure to the masseuse is a win-win situation. Our gorgeous ladies are expert tantric masseuses and know how to use the proper techniques to make you feel good. Just imagine your hand going over Luna’s body covered in oil.

A mutual touching massage may help you form a deep relationship with your masseuse while also teaching you new skills and approaches to utilize in your daily life.

Individuals who like providing massages, learning new techniques, and receiving massages should attend this sort of class.

Throughout the massage, a powerful, free-flowing circulation of energy circulates throughout the body, repairing broken connections and eliminating accumulated knots. Once you enter our salon, you have to let go of your inhibitions and be relaxed during the massage session The masseuses will guide you throughout the session and make you feel comfortable. The client has to stop thinking about their problems and focus on what the tantric expert says. Our girls are dedicated and will help you to get over any blockages, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.


What makes a tantric massage with mutual touching different from a regular sensual massage? We’ll go over everything in detail in our tantric massage guide at Gold Tantric Dubai. Tantric massage has its roots in ancient medicine, but it has been updated to achieve the same goal. Tantric massage is a way to experience sensuality in its purest form while connecting spiritually and consciously with your partner. The ultimate objective is to obtain both physical and mental serenity and relaxation. It’s more about accepting your sensual inner self and loving the current moment.

During a mutual touching massage, the client and the masseuse will be naked and have permission to touch one another. The client will feel every curve of the masseuses, and her soft skin will cover the receiver’s body. The masseuse may even show you where she likes to handle her body. Of course, being friendly and considerate help, and before placing your hands all over the masseuse’s body, make sure you ask for her permission.

Before gathering tantric energies and arousing your senses, our professional masseuses will gently tease out your tensions. It will enable you to relax and enjoy yourself by allowing you to open yourself up to a new world of pleasure and happiness. With their gentle hands, they will gradually explore your body, finally reaching tantric energy centers that provide an exquisite sensory release. By this time, you should be able to feel the revitalizing effects of our tailored mutual touching tantric massage.


Book a mutual touching massage at Gold Tantric Dubai, and you will have part a fantastic experience with one of our amazing girls. After one session, you will feel relaxed and more confident. Our specialized massage therapists will help you relieve all the stress and feel comfortable during the massage session. Having your hands all over each other’s bodies, sensually satisfying each other, and stroking sensitive places of each other’s torso may feel fantastic. It’s also a terrific method to divert your attention away from the orgasmic sensation that’s developing in your head and body by focusing on satisfying the masseuse. Get in touch with our team and call us at +971558121680.

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